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Evaluation of different menthods on the test split. The accuracies over different classes and on average are reported below.

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# Method Paper Date Size Param Avg NAT SOC LAN TXT IMG NO G1-6 G7-12

Method names:

  • Q = question
  • C = context
  • M = multiple options
  • A = answer
  • AE = answer with explanation
  • ALE = answer with lecture and explanation
  • Accuracies for different question sets:

  • NAT: questions of the natural science subject
  • SOC: questions of the social science subject
  • LAN: questions of the language science subject
  • TXT: questions with the text context
  • IMG: questions with the image context
  • NO: questions with no context
  • G1-6: questions in the grade group of 1-6
  • G7-12: questions in the grade group of 7-12
  • Avg: all questions (reporting the average accuracy)